Let music breathe life into your AV's

We’re hard-wired to respond to music and when used in combination with animation or video it can breathe life into any production. It can make you feel relaxed, energised, sad, happy… every emotion we feel can be enhanced through music and as visual storytellers we need to harmonise both the visual and audio so they feel synced, balanced and complement each other.

There’s great benefits to using music in your productions. Either used subtlely in the background with overlayed dialogue or in the foreground driving the animation, it can take the viewer from only seeing and hearing to feeling the scenes and generating the impact needed for it to become memorable. From simple bed-lines, sweeping and building audio-scapes to choreographed visual cues, we can draw the viewer’s attention, create anticipation, tension, climax and resolve, inspiring each scene and elevating them further.

Whether your brand or story is corporate, upbeat, energetic or relaxed, music can help create an enduring and meaningful production. Take a look at this production we did for a themed event where music has helped bring the production and era to life:

More of our work can be seen here and here.

Building exceptional visualisations!

Nerd alert! With the introduction of Cinema 4D R20 and the new CAD import function we continue to build amazing visualisations but even better and faster.

In previous versions there was never a perfect solution to getting the best geometry conversion from CAD surfaces to C4D. With back and fourth testing of different formats, inconsistent results from different CAD programs, time consuming imports, models that imported with disconnected surfaces which complicated texturing, it was always a hit and miss pipeline. It also meant if the model was complex C4D would quickly slow down to a crawl trying to compute dense geometry where it wasn’t really needed.

This all changes with Cinema 4D R20. With the introduction of the latest version we now have a better, faster, more reliable solution for importing CAD models with easy drag and drop of files (Solidworks, STEP, Catia, JT and IGES files). In fact, just about any CAD program can export to this file, and it’s extremely quick! Most importantly, we have greater control over the model. As an example, no more texturising of hundreds of individual screws. Now we only need to texturise the one screw, C4D then populates that texture to ALL screws within the model. Awesome!

There's great benefits of using 3D visualisation for your products. It’s a cost effective alternative to photography with the ability to not only animate products for demonstration and how-to videos, but easy to make changes to colour, geometry, camera angle, lighting – the list goes on.

Take a look at some of the visualisations we’ve done for some of our clients using CAD files…

Educating Tauranga residents with 2D animation

Hot off Lou's animation desk is Tauranga City Council's new fortnightly residential glass collection service which starts in October. 

For this project we used a similar 2D animation style we've created for other TCC educational videos. This particular style (created with freestyle drawings and animated in After Effects) is such an effective vehicle to engage and educate the audience in a friendly and informative way.

I absolutely love how our clever team can take a few bullet points and bring them to life through animation. Trust me, it takes a lot of work to make it all look so simple!

If you're looking for something similar to communicate to your audience, then let's have a chat.

Sorted Logistics Heath & Safety Initiative

For all businesses Health & Safety is an integral part of our daily life, with the regulatory requirements in place to keep us safe. It relies on leadership and accountability by all so to encourage participation Sorted Logistics commissioned us to create a series of animations for their Health & Safety and K.O.M.S (Keep Our Mates Safe) initiative.

Designed to safeguard visitors, contractors and drivers, Braincell brought to life the seriousness of Health & Safety in an engaging, fun way. The animations have become a valuable tool for Sorted Logistics by saving time in the induction process and ensuring their Health & Safety information is delivered consistently.

Click here to view a sample of one of the Sorted animations. If you’d like to find out how we can help with your Health & Safety AV’s, get in touch with us here.

Creative trends in Motiongraphics & 3D - Kinetic Type:

Quote V2.jpg

Kinetic type is a great technique for capturing the viewer’s attention and keeping them engaged. It’s an affordable option if you have limited resources & budget and can be an effective tool to add tone and emotion to your videos. Kinetic type is dynamic, playful and animated - it helps tell the story and deliver important messages to your viewers. In the following example we used elements of Kinetic Type to help support the key messages we needed to convey for Kenwood:

Creative trends in Motion & Design - Double Exposure:

Our second blog on ”Creative trends in Photography, Typography, Motion/Video & 3D” takes a look at Double Exposure techniques and their uses in motion and design.

With many variations existing such as duotone, silhouette, colour channel offset and positive / negative space, double exposure effects have been emerging in popularity and used in design, advertising, movie posters, music and illustration. It involves merging two images to form into one and can be extended to using more than two images along with the use of textures and graphics. It creates an abstract, artistic feel allowing the image to convey multiple meanings with a strong graphical look using space and contrast. Here's a few examples:


1. Silhouette with animated type - in this example we’ve animated the type to form into a man’s face:


2. Photographic double exposure using two images:


3. And lastly illustration - the infamous screenprinted Starwars Trilogy series of reimagined movie posters
by Olly Moss:

(Click above image to view more of the Starwars series)


Creative trends in Motiongraphics - Seamless Transitions:

For the next three blog posts we’re focusing on “Creative trends in Photography, Typography, Motion/Video & 3D”. This first post looks at Creative trends in Motiongraphics - Seamless Transitions.

Seamless transitions create an effective way to maintain the viewer’s attention, allowing the footage to move fluidly from one scene to the next. Graphical elements and camera movements act as tools by using scale, rotation, panning, zooming and spinning, to shift focus and achieve the right effect. Seamless transitions differ from standard wipes (which animate on and off to “cut” from scene to scene) as they’re a conscious strategy to creatively use the graphical elements or camera movement that already exist to seamlessly “blend” from scene to scene.

Here’s a couple of client examples we’ve created with seamless transitions. Kenwood KMix uses a combination of camera rotation and zoom to seamlessly transition through the animation:

This example’s a bit of a blast from the past. Our LiveSport animation uses both camera movements and animated elements for seamless transitions:

Monday Memories!

It's that time again!  Instead of showcasing some of our previous work let's take the opportunity to feature Lou, Braincell’s awe-inspiring, nothing’s a problem, adept Senior Digital Artist. Covering the spectrum of the video pipeline from pre-visualisation, production and post-production or you just need to find the nicest pie… he’s your man!