Creating better video: How long should my video be?


Different video lengths all have a time and place. If your video is for instructional or internal company use it’s ok to make them as long as they need to be. But if you are using video to promote your business or get your brand message out there through social platforms, it is a good idea to adapt your video length to suit the channels you’ll be using. Often if you’re having a full-length video produced it’s only a fraction of the cost and time to edit the content into different lengths. Here are a few tips for video length for social channels.

Facebook (less than 2 minutes)
Videos ideally should be no more than two minutes in length. Research shows engagement levels drop off after the 2-minute mark. Here are some stats from Wistia that reviews optimal video length. 
Tips: Remember videos autoplay without sound so it’s important to have graphics or subtitles to keep the viewer interested. AND it’s better to upload your video directly to Facebook because the platform prioritises native video content.

Twitter (less than 30 seconds)
Simply because Twitter currently has a 30 second limit on video length.
Tip: Use Twitter as a teaser platform to promote your full-length video.

Instagram (no more than 60 seconds)
Currently Instagram doesn’t support videos longer than 60 seconds.
Tip: Make sure your video is visually attractive to grab the viewers’ attention, it's all about how things look.

Youtube (around 2 minutes or longer)
For optimum engagement keep videos around the 2 minute mark.

However, the argument can be made for compelling content, if it looks good, tells a great story and is of genuine interest to your viewer, you’ll have more chance of keeping their attention. Get in touch with us to help tell your story and bring your brand to life.