Let music breathe life into your AV's

We’re hard-wired to respond to music and when used in combination with animation or video it can breathe life into any production. It can make you feel relaxed, energised, sad, happy… every emotion we feel can be enhanced through music and as visual storytellers we need to harmonise both the visual and audio so they feel synced, balanced and complement each other.

There’s great benefits to using music in your productions. Either used subtlely in the background with overlayed dialogue or in the foreground driving the animation, it can take the viewer from only seeing and hearing to feeling the scenes and generating the impact needed for it to become memorable. From simple bed-lines, sweeping and building audio-scapes to choreographed visual cues, we can draw the viewer’s attention, create anticipation, tension, climax and resolve, inspiring each scene and elevating them further.

Whether your brand or story is corporate, upbeat, energetic or relaxed, music can help create an enduring and meaningful production. Take a look at this production we did for a themed event where music has helped bring the production and era to life:

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