Creative trends in Motiongraphics - Seamless Transitions:

For the next three blog posts we’re focusing on “Creative trends in Photography, Typography, Motion/Video & 3D”. This first post looks at Creative trends in Motiongraphics - Seamless Transitions.

Seamless transitions create an effective way to maintain the viewer’s attention, allowing the footage to move fluidly from one scene to the next. Graphical elements and camera movements act as tools by using scale, rotation, panning, zooming and spinning, to shift focus and achieve the right effect. Seamless transitions differ from standard wipes (which animate on and off to “cut” from scene to scene) as they’re a conscious strategy to creatively use the graphical elements or camera movement that already exist to seamlessly “blend” from scene to scene.

Here’s a couple of client examples we’ve created with seamless transitions. Kenwood KMix uses a combination of camera rotation and zoom to seamlessly transition through the animation:

This example’s a bit of a blast from the past. Our LiveSport animation uses both camera movements and animated elements for seamless transitions: