Creative trends in Motion & Design - Double Exposure:

Our second blog on ”Creative trends in Photography, Typography, Motion/Video & 3D” takes a look at Double Exposure techniques and their uses in motion and design.

With many variations existing such as duotone, silhouette, colour channel offset and positive / negative space, double exposure effects have been emerging in popularity and used in design, advertising, movie posters, music and illustration. It involves merging two images to form into one and can be extended to using more than two images along with the use of textures and graphics. It creates an abstract, artistic feel allowing the image to convey multiple meanings with a strong graphical look using space and contrast. Here's a few examples:


1. Silhouette with animated type - in this example we’ve animated the type to form into a man’s face:


2. Photographic double exposure using two images:


3. And lastly illustration - the infamous screenprinted Starwars Trilogy series of reimagined movie posters
by Olly Moss:

(Click above image to view more of the Starwars series)