Science behind our work

The Science Behind Homegrown Kids

As you're starting to see, there are endless styles of animations! Here's a short overview showing the different layers of animations needed to build this older commercial we created for Homegrown kids.

The drawings were hand drawn on paper, scanned, tidied up and colourised digitally. Mouth movements were drawn separately and roughly synced to the voices. All in all, there were about 38 layers of drawings combined and animated for this 30 second spot.

The Science Behind The Frog Prince

Next in our short technical video series, we’ll show green screen filming. For this example, we’ll illustrate how we did an event teaser with a fairy tale theme.

Filming against green or blue screen is an ideal way of situating people in a particular environment when logistics doesn’t allow it. In this case, it was more cost efficient to film green screen and later on, build the background and blend everything together using software, than to film in an ideal location with all the equipment and weather contingency.

The Science Behind Andy the Avocado

We're often asked how we create some of our work so we've put together a series of short videos highlighting the technical approach to specific projects. First up is how we tackled a 3D character, from freehand designs, modelling and lighting, right through to bringing 'Andy' the Avocado to life. Andy was created for Tauranga-based Southern Produce, who wanted a friendly, likable character to represent their brand in merchandiser education videos..