Photo Montage Tips#5, 6 & 7

5. Keep it short:
Similar to tip # 1, don’t let the viewers drift from the video. A viewer's attention span is limited so keep it short and sweet or they will disengage.


6. Texts and Voice Over:
A voice over to highlight your message will be easier for your viewers to take in. They can process what’s being said and being seen at the same time. Sometimes though, texts without narration can also be powerful and dramatic. Go for key words or phrases. Again, remember to simplify. 

7. Appropriate Music:
Last but not the least is the choice of music. This could make or break the video. It should reflect what you want to say and the mood you want to express. Licensed music is not as expensive as you may think. But if budget is really tight, there are also free music sites available. Check out youtube’s Audio Library or

Photo Montage Tips#3 & 4

Animating your static images will give the oomph you want. Zoom in gradually, or zoom out quickly. Pan the grand office interior or rotate the smiling face. Movement will make it more dynamic however it requires your images to have good resolution so you can get in close without blowing up the pixels.


Simple Transitions:
More often than not, use simple transitions such as straight dissolves, cuts or fade to black, fade from white. Avoid those fancy electronic transitions. These can be trendy now, but later be tacky.

Check out this amazing 2013 Dodge Ram Truck Commercial using photographs with minimal, clever movements and simple transitions. Beautiful.

Photo Montage Tip #1

A photo montage video doesn’t have to be an ordinary slideshow. This week we’ll post some short notes on things to consider when doing a video utilising photos for your brand.

As an example, here’s a photo montage video we made for Sharp Tudhope Lawyers for the Bay of Plenty ExportNZ Awards night last June. It’s just a tad under a minute. The old Tauranga photos are all sourced from the Tauranga Library collection and Tauranga Historical Society. The dazzling new images of the Bay of Plenty region were photographed by Priority One.

Tip # 1:
Message: Priority is focusing on the message. Try not to squeeze too many messages in one video. Simplify and let the viewer soak it up.