Comic Sans: Love it or hate it?


Comic Sans is one of those fonts that can end a friendship, we either love it or hate it. Believe it or not it’s still one of the most popular fonts of all time.

It’s a sans-serif casual script which was designed by Vincent Connare and released in 1994 by Microsoft. Inspired by comic book lettering and intended for use in children’s materials and informal documents it ended up becoming popular and widely used.

Comic Sans is the only font that’s ever had a movement against it. The website ‘Ban Comic Sans’  calls for the font to be banned when writing or designing for serious subjects. Its main argument is a typeface should match the tone of its text and t the irreverence of Comic Sans is often at odds with a serious message, such as a "do not enter" sign. Sheesh.

If you are in the ‘for comic sans’ camp, here’s some proof into why people take notice of comic sans.