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Strategic marketing and brand development through to creative moving image and animation - it's all about making your brand stand out.


Our approach is simple - we don't do anything. Not until we have developed a complete understanding of your target audience in conjunction with your company’s objectives. Only then do we focus on developing the strategic and creative platform.

We’re not here to just make things look attractive – any designer can do that. We ensure strategy and creative connect to achieve attractive results for our clients. 

It's called Strategic Creative.


Strategic marketing

Our marketing expertise
helps drive strategic growth for your business.


Use strategic design to make your company stand out from the competition.


Communicate your message effectively using 2D and 3D motion graphics.


Let’s creatively tell your brand’s story and bring it to life using video.

Our experience includes

Marketing strategy

Marketing plan
Brand strategy

One-on-one training
Content strategy

Press releases

clear strategies drive business growth

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Are you a bit lost on what's next for your brand or marketing...not even sure where to start? As a registered strategic marketing provider for the Regional Business Partners Capability Voucher Funding scheme we help support SME business owners (like you) looking to grow and innovate.

Whether it’s a full marketing or brand strategy, or a concise one-page plan, we work with you one-on-one to build your knowledge and reach your goals. We help identify where you want your business to go - establishing solid, tangible goals giving your business focus and a foundation for long-term decision-making.

The result delivers a carefully designed, practical framework with an in-depth outline and understanding of target markets and customer characteristics. This is accompanied by a clear plan for the course of action of the brand or marketing strategy, and its measurement to determine the success of specific promotions and communications.

AND, you may be eligible for a 50% subsidy towards our service! You can find out more here or view a client strategy case study here and here.

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Sample of clients we've delivered strategies for:

Braincell were successful in securing our project due to their active listening, and excellent creative understanding, process and solutions. The project was supported by a detailed strategy scope document providing key milestones and expectations from both parties. A predominant area that stood out was Janine treated the project as a strategic living process and suggested ideas were forth coming that made the project evolve to be even better than first anticipated. It was a major decision to decide who to partner in our project and we certainly made the correct decision working with Janine and her creative team.
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Our experience includes

Strategic creative concepts

Brand identities

Brand development
Sales and marketing collateral

Design for digital and print

Brand refresh

Online and offline advertising

High-end photo manipulation

bring your brand to life through design:


Whether it's a new Brand or campaign, or revitalising an existing one, we help realise your vision and maintain consistency across all branded assets. When strategy is applied to the creative design, it not only establishes a stronger identity for your business, it also improves your market position and an increase in sales of your products or service.

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“Brilliant work, guys. We’re constantly getting comments on the quality of our new marketing collateral from clients (and competitors!). It’s certainly taken our brand to another level.”

Our experience includes


How-to videos

2D and 3D animation
Character animation

Product visualisation

Product demonstrations
Logo animation

Particle animation

Moving titles and visual effects

bring your brand to life through ANIMATION:

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Animation is a clever way to communicate products and services effectively. Not only does it make the information you're conveying more memorable, it helps capture the audience's attention in a shorter time period using a variety of methods like animation personality (style or characters), moving text, sound effects, voice-over and music.

Animation can be used for any type of communication - from viewer education through to providing a more cost effective way to visualise important product information without the need for filming.

Interested in bringing your brand to life? Let's chat.

“We’ve worked with Braincell over a number of years now and found the level of service both creative and professional to be extremely high. They’ve produced some breathtaking animations for some of our blue chip clients, juggling several productions at the same time and always hitting tight deadlines. They have superb client support and their experience in animation is fantastic. Our clients were utterly amazed that a film featuring one of their premium products was in fact a 3D animated model not yet built in the real world.”
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Our experience includes

How-to videos

Company profiles
Awards AV and video

Drone footage
Product profiles

Product demonstrations

Building brand awareness through video:


Video is a great way to communicate company goals and its people through to demonstrating products or services with visual demonstrations. It actively increases audience engagement and when used in an educational format, the viewer can learn anywhere, reducing training resource time and costs. It can be paused and re-played, it's easier to understand and absorb than a lot of print material and by placing it online it's more convenient and cheaper to distribute.

Most importantly, Google loves video so if you're looking to better engage with your target market, think video!

Interested in building your brand awareness? Let's chat.

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“We are so happy with the outcome of our beautiful new product videos, specifically for our China Market. Thank you for bringing to life the visual essence of our brand in an exceptionally super short timeframe.
We love it!”